Desalination: A Solution For The Water Crises?

There are millions of people worldwide who do not have access to clean water. Less than 3% of the world’s water is freshwater, but only 1% of water is easily attainable freshwater. Clean drinking water is scarce and there are some that spend their entire day searching for it. For rich countries like Saudi Arabia, […]

Sustainability Spotlight: Gators Go Green

Gators LEED Pack in Race Towards Green Construction In a bid to keep up with today’s changing world, the University of Florida has spent much of its energy renovating campus buildings. Many students are familiar with these ongoing changes to old construction. However, unknown to many gators, the University of Florida uses a strict system […]

Analog Digital Images

Digital images are all just spreadsheets with layers of red, green and blue stacked on top of each other. Every image you see on a screen, from your laptop to your phone to your TV, are made with layers of pixels. When you take a photo, your camera measures the amount of red, green, and […]

Why Expensive Wine Tastes Better: How Does Context Alter Value?

Over the past years, there has been a strong interest in research in the area of human behavior. This is due to the implications it has not only in psychology but in areas such as marketing and advertising. Recent research has shown that people perceive expensive wine to taste better, even when identical to cheaper wine. It […]

Solar Events

We have all heard the hype over the solar eclipse of 2017; the news mentioning it non-stop and people gathering in large groups to see it and spread it on social media. Some people took even took advantage of this event to make some quick money off of people by selling glasses that allow you […]

The Star That Never Died

The stars, just like us, are born and then die. However, the life of a star can be as long as up to ten million years. The nearest star to us, the Sun, wouldn’t even be in its early thirties compared to humans’ lifespan.  Being only 4.5 billion years old, it still has 6 billion […]

The Peculiar Human Body- Part 1

Our body is a cluster of trillions of cells, millions of tissues, organs, and organ systems. A myriad of various physiological, molecular, and chemical processes are happening inside us every day. Many of these processes have been studied and are still being studied. In this series, you will read about the various peculiar features of […]

Four Facts About Fetal Microchimerism

Fetal Microchimerism Fetal microchimerism is the confirmed presence of cells from a distinct individual in the body of a placental mammal. The placenta’s normal function is to serve as a link between the fetus and the mother, its main purpose being to exchange nutrients. In recent years, research has shown that not only nutrients can […]

“I’m not a robot”? Evolving CAPTCHA to a new system

It is undeniable that the number of social media users is growing exponentially. Facebook being the most popular with over 1.900 million new accounts in a month, social networks, as well as novel software, have completely changed life as we know it in a matter of a decade.  Such numbers make us wonder if there […]