Data in the jobs to come: How understanding data can ease your future

Imagine that you can provide any object at home, at work, or in the city with “digital power.” That is: give them the ability to connect to and interact with the network thanks to an integrated microchip that can process and transmit information constantly. Do not worry; you don’t need to imagine much. It is […]

Commercial Pharming: The Widespread Applications of Rice in Medicine

This past summer I had the honor of attending the Student Science Training Program (SSTP) at the University of Florida. I was assigned to a plant pathology lab whose primary focus was to properly assess the conditions and variations of Oryza sativa, more commonly known as rice. Under the guidance of Dr. Wen-Yuan Song, I continued […]

Is it time to review the concept of viruses?

In Brazil, scientists have recently discovered a new genus of viruses. The discovery has caused many uncertainties and has lead scientists in the area to question whether it will be necessary to rethink the concept of what exactly viruses are. Is it time to review the concept of viruses? The debate initiated due to the […]

Is Everything That We Think We Know About Nutrition Wrong?

On March 17, 2018, The New York Times published an article about a new study being performed by the National Institutes of Health (NIH).  Predicted to last 10 years, the study’s purpose is to discover whether a daily alcoholic drink would be a part of a healthy lifestyle. This process is expensive and time-consuming–costing about […]

Mind-Body Therapy

Some experts believe that there isn’t enough of an emphasis on the connection between the mind and the body. Countless studies have shown that just by imagining or visualizing an upsetting or frightening experience from the past, our hearts beat faster, and we began to sweat due to autonomic nervous system (ANS) arousal. Many see […]

Four Unusual Hairy Creatures

Having a bad hair day? These four unusual hairy creatures seem to have that kind of day 24/7.  For humans, hairy or furry animals can be fun to pet. However, in nature, there are some creatures whose hair is a unique feature. 1) Yeti Crab When it was discovered, this creature was so unusual that […]

Diet and Breast Cancer

In industrialized countries, the majority of female deaths are due to breast cancer. Breast cancer is a common, yet deadly disease. It can be characterized by lumps in the breast tissue, breast pain, and change in size, shape, or the overall feel of the tissue.  It is believed that this cancer is caused by both endogenous […]