Cytokine Storm – What is it?

Image Credit: Michigan Health Lab Fatality among patients infected with SARS-CoV-2 can be attributed to the cytokine storm. Cytokines are proteins that serve as messengers for the immune system. Once released from a cell, they sift through the body until they reach their destination: a receptor to bind to. By binding to receptors, they are […]

Have you ever wished for a miracle cure to slow the aging process?

The ends of chromosomes are protected by specific DNA sequences called telomeres, visualized here in red. Image by Thomas Ried, Center for Cancer Research, National Cancer Institute Role of Telomeres Our genes are twisted double-stranded DNA molecules called chromosomes. Telomeres are DNA lengths found at the ends of chromosomes that maintain our genetic info, allow cells […]

Space Weather – Is it safe for humans to fly to Mars?

Mars appears as a red-orange globe with darker blotches and white icecaps visible on both of its poles (Credit: NASA) Our very own planet earth is the third planet from the sun, and the fourth one happens to be planet Mars; despite neighboring planet to earth, it is still further away. Like all other nine […]

The History of the Coronavirus

Image Credit: Corona Borealis Studio / Shutterstock   The coronavirus family are a diverse group of viruses that infect various animals and are typically known to cause respiratory infections of varying severity in humans. Among all pathogenic viruses, as well as all RNA-duplicating viruses, the coronavirus family are large. Many are 125 nm in diameter, […]

Global Carbon Cycle and Ocean Health – Robotic floats

Robotic floats for use in ocean primary productivity [Image source:SOCCOM] Introduction  The overall microscopic sea life is vital for the marine environment, including the oceans and the subsequent planet’s health. Additionally, through photosynthesis, the plants on earth and the minute phytoplankton convert carbon dioxide to biological matter and oxygen. Marine primary productivity is a term […]