The role of glia in neurodevelopmental disorders

Image Credit:Pixabay The role of glia in neurodevelopmental disorders Neurons get the majority of our attention when we talk about the brain and neuroscience. After all, neurons drive action in the brain: they produce electricity, and they send signals to each other. This signaling helps organize information, create emotion, and produce motion. Neurons are, indeed, […]

The HBB Gene and Sickle Cell Anemia

The HBB gene has been the subject of immense research because of the severe diseases that results from its mutations, most notably among them being the inherited blood disorder sickle cell anemia, a common form of sickle cell disease, and the sickle cell trait. I will begin from a broad standpoint, discussing the evolutionary importance […]

Can Bacteria Clean Up Radioactive Waste?

Figure 1: Bacteria with pili. When nuclear fuel is produced, toxic uranium contamination of the environment can occur at any stage. Fortunately, a bacterial process can safely prevent the mobility of uranium contamination and the risk of exposure. Geobacter bacteria are tiny microorganisms that have the potential to significantly aid in the cleanup of polluted […]

Animals changing shape – A warming climate?

When you hear the term “shape-shifting,” your mind immediately goes to a science fiction or horror film, not to the climate. However, scientists believe that is what is happening to some animals as a result of climate change. According to a new study, climate change may be causing animals worldwide to grow more prominent ears, […]

Is Dark Energy Real?

Is Dark Energy Real? While we may never observe dark matter or dark energy directly, they adequately explain the motions of stars and galaxies and the universe’s expansion. For decades, astronomers, physicists, and cosmologists have believed that the universe is filled with an unusual element known as “dark matter,” which explains galaxies’ and galaxy clusters’ […]