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Student Feature: Felipe Frid Buniac

Felipe Frid Buniac, The Scientific Student, science, student

Felipe Frid Buniac is an outstanding student from São Paulo, Brazil.  He is currently in his first year at Insper studying Computer Engineering. Felipe was drawn to Computer Engineering due to his passion for problem solving and understanding how machines work.  He has channeled this passion in his own scientific work, which began in high school. There, […]

An Open-Minded Approach to Science Research

It is not easy to simultaneously explore both the microcosms and macrocosms of our universe. Scientists must battle the dynamic infectious diseases that could risk the state of humanity. Scientists must develop revolutionary technologies to keep pace with our ever-changing world. Scientists must venture into the engulfing blackness that surrounds our Earth to find possible homes […]

The Antibacterial Properties of White Tea

 Tea is the second most popularly consumed beverage around the world, taking a close second to water. Many know that the regular consumption of tea has various health benefits, but why? As an avid tea drinker, I was interested in figuring out more about the properties of tea, specifically the Pai Mu Tan white tea. I chose this […]

Palm Oil: How Half of the Supermarket is Killing the Rainforest

Palm oil.  It is the most popular edible oil in the world, but not because of its taste. The process of pressing palm oil is extremely efficient.  Combined with this efficiency is its amazing versatility and an incredibly low cost of production. These three qualities create a miracle oil in the eyes of businesses all […]

EnChroma: A Whole New World of Color

Individuals with color vision deficiency (CVD), commonly referred to as “color blindness”, experience colors in a unique way – certain colors of the visual light spectrum become muted or almost indistinguishable from other colors.  There are various causes for this deficiency including diabetes, multiple sclerosis, or even simply the aging process, but the most common cause […]

The Future of Wave Power

The oceans contain an immense amount of power that is just waiting to be harvested. Marine power, better known as wave and tidal energy, is a sadly underused resource that lags behind in its developmental process. While wind farms and solar panels are integrating into the quotidian, very few have ever seen devices that harvest […]

Linking Breast Cancer and Alzheimer’s disease

In both Alzheimer’s disease and all cancers in general, the pathophysiological mechanism has not yet been clearly identified and understood. Women in their sixties are about twice as likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease over the rest of their lives as they are likely to develop breast cancer. Unfortunately, many women worldwide suffer from either breast […]

A breakthrough in carbon capture?

With the growing acceptance of human induced climate change and global warming, scientists and politicians have been looking at ways to limit greenhouse gas emissions. One of the key gases of concern is carbon dioxide, as when it is released into the atmosphere, it essentially acts like a blanket in trapping reflected heat from the […]