Possible Connection Between Transposons and Aging

Research on the processes and causes of aging has existed for thousands of years, motivated by the hope that a true understanding of the aging process could lead to slowing, or perhaps even halting, it entirely. While some biogerontologists still pursue this goal, the majority of the scientific community currently focuses less on the possibility […]

Gene Editing – The New Cure For Anemia?

Thalassemia, a form of anemia resulting in the abnormal formation of hemoglobin, is a genetically inherited disease that affects many. The two types, alpha thalassemia and beta thalassemia tend to have different prevalence rates in separate areas of the world. Alpha thalassemia is common in people of southeast Asian descent and there are a high number of carriers in Sub-Saharan Africa […]

Hard Hearts

  Many of us know that as people age, they become crankier. You might have that 85-year-old neighbor who refuses to let your dog on her lawn. You might have the penny-pinching grandma who holds up the line at the grocery store as she disputes why her twenty cents off a gallon of milk coupon […]

Air Pollution: What, Where, How, Why?

Our air is increasingly becoming contaminated in both urban and rural areas around the world. Even if you don’t live in a city, you are affected by it. But why is it a problem, and how is it harmful? Let’s take a look at the science of air pollution. What is pollution, really? Pollution consists […]

The Future of Drug Resistance

In the 20th century, antibiotics transformed the medical care industry, and scientists haven’t stopped synthesizing and looking for new antibacterial drugs since. The ground-breaking discovery of a new antibiotic, teixobactin, with no others discovered in the last 30 years, is fresh in our minds. [1] While research has shown victories, bacteria are no less successful in […]

Silicon-Based Life

It is hard to define life. Its boundaries are extensive, and even if someone gets to a clear meaning, it may become inaccurate or invalid as the time passes. As we come across new experiments, theories or hypotheses, we broaden our views on the meaning of life and the bricks that make it possible. On […]

Effects of Anti-Vaccination

Many forgo vaccinations for kids for a multitude of reasons – because it’s against their beliefs, because of its widespread, yet erroneous, link to autism, or simply because it is not required in their state. Whatever the reason may be, the effect of anti-vaccination can be disastrous. Recently, due to the anti-vaccination epidemic, illnesses thought to have […]

Mushrooms Can Save the World

Fungi is one of the six kingdoms of classification of biology. In primary school, the study of fungi never went much deeper than their decomposition of dead plants. However, they provide so much more than nutrients for the soil. Systems of mushrooms are connected with mycelium, the vegetative portion of fungi. It webs together in […]

Is Talking Therapy Effective?

Mental health is often overlooked in society. However, although there has been an increase in the discussion of mental health in our generation, many fail to connect how much mental health can affect the body. A recent study conducted by L. Mason, E. Peters, and S. C. Williams, and V. Kumari analyzed the changes in brain […]

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