The Vanguard of Medical Innovations

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  It may come as a surprise to hear that nanotechnology is at the vanguard of medical innovations. Indeed, it is revolutionizing the field of medicine. Here, let me tell you how! With a backpack on my shoulders, laptop in hand, and sunglasses over my eyes, I navigated my way through North Carolina’s humidity alongside […]

What’s with Teens and Sleep?

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  It is common knowledge that many students in high school suffer from sleep deprivation. Both academics and extracurricular activities reduce the amount of sleep students receive. Despite the common notion of how these pressures have influenced students’ sleep on its own, many fail to truly consider the biological aspect and how it undermines students’ […]

Student Feature: Phelan Yu

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Written by: Zeke Benshirim     You’ve probably heard by now that climate change poses a massive threat to global food security. News stories from just the past few days warn of threats to staple crops like wheat and corn, or indispensable treats like coffee and chocolate. But how do we know how much trouble we’re […]

De-Extinction, A Plausible Solution?

We are in the midst of the sixth mass extinction, and humans are to blame. According to World Wildlife Fund, since 1970 there has been a 58% decline in numbers of fish, mammals, birds, and reptile worldwide, which means that 2 % of species are vanishing across the globe each year (Westcott, 2016). Around 30 […]

Nanonobel Prize

They say great things are done by a series of smaller ones all brought together — at least, this is what this year’s chemistry Nobel Prize winners proved to the scientific community when creating “the smallest machines in the world”. The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences awarded on the 5th of October the Chemistry Nobel prize to the […]

The 10/90 Gap

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Although technology and medicine have greatly advanced over time, much of this progress has stayed within developed countries. While countries like the United States have access to high-tech medical devices, low-resource countries still struggle to maintain the fundamentals of health care. This disparity is known as the 10/90 gap. Activists claim that only 10% of global […]