Are Cockroaches to Replace Dairy Cows?

Forget your kale juices and fruit smoothies – the new health trend is here! According to scientists the new superfood to try is cockroach milk. Although it seems like a skeptical drink, cockroach milk has been found to potentially have many health benefits for humans as a supplement. The Pacific beetle cockroach (Diploptera punctate) is […]

Planet X

  Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune… perhaps Pluto if you studied them before 2006, maybe including the Sun if you know the song. We have always taken for granted the existence of 8 planets in our Solar System. They gave us the data and we simply memorized it. But what if I […]

What’s Eating You?

      A teenage girl is talking to her friends about a celebrity while looking at a magazine. They talk about how thin that girl is, or how good she looks. While this might seem to be normal behavior, some say that this is the beginning stages of anorexia. They say that when these […]

Do Standing Desks Improve your Cognitive Function?

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Sitting during a lecture can be boring. You are very likely to fall victim to daydreaming or fidgeting if you remain in your seat for a long while. Whichever class you’re in, we all have to admit that sitting during a long course of time is not fun at all. In fact, sitting can even contribute to […]