The Freshman Plague

It’s everywhere. In all of the classrooms and libraries, the dining hall, and even in my own room, the sounds continue to follow me around wherever I go. The noise haunts me and persistently reminds me of its widespread prevalence. One minute, I’m listening to my Cultural Anthropology professor lecture about cultural relativism. The next minute, her […]

Are Cockroaches to Replace Dairy Cows?

Forget your kale juices and fruit smoothies – the new health trend is here! According to scientists the new superfood to try is cockroach milk. Although it seems like a skeptical drink, cockroach milk has been found to potentially have many health benefits for humans as a supplement. The Pacific beetle cockroach (Diploptera punctate) is […]

Planet X

  Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune… perhaps Pluto if you studied them before 2006, maybe including the Sun if you know the song. We have always taken for granted the existence of 8 planets in our Solar System. They gave us the data and we simply memorized it. But what if I […]