The 10/90 Gap

the scientific student, 10/90 gap

Although technology and medicine have greatly advanced over time, much of this progress has stayed within developed countries. While countries like the United States have access to high-tech medical devices, low-resource countries still struggle to maintain the fundamentals of health care. This disparity is known as the 10/90 gap. Activists claim that only 10% of global […]

An Analysis of Microalgal Energy

the scientific student, microalgae

Microalgae are capable of being used to produce lipids which, in turn can, be converted to biodiesel. Biodiesel simply consists of long chains of fatty acids derived from biological oils. The U.S. Department of Energy’s Aquatic Species Program proposed that biodiesel may be the only viable method to produce enough fuel to replace current world diesel usage. It stated that the […]

What It’s Like to be a Park Ranger: Fire Management

Fire: it’s often seen as a bad thing– one of destruction. But for the longleaf pine trees of southeast Texas’ Big Thicket National Preserve, it is a life force. Without wildfires, pinus palustris would likely not dominate the southwestern United States as they do now. This is because it, along with other species, is fire-dependent. Evolution has caused species like the […]

The Future of Synthetic Diamonds

  Recent rumors say that Apple is going to begin using diamond to protect phone screens instead of the traditional gorilla glass. If the rumors are true, this is because diamond is the hardest material readily available that can reasonably be widely implemented in today’s technology.  Having to be formed over millions of years in the Earth’s core, real diamonds are […]

Give Me Some Sugar

  The perfect beach body may be a fantasy for some, or just within grasp for others, but for some reason you just can’t seem to drop that last pound. Why is that? You could push your body to the breaking point and still never see the scale tip in your favor. All the cardio […]

What is Dèjà Vu?

If you’re like me, you experience dèjà vu – also known as paramnesia – all the time. And, if we’re even more similar, trying to put your finger on where you’ve “seen this before” is torture. So how exactly does that tip-of-the-tongue feeling work, and what makes it happen?   How it Works     […]

The Other Side of the Lab Bench: An Instructor’s Perspective

As I enter my sophomore year as a student at the University of California, Berkeley, I find myself amazed at how quickly time has passed. An entire year of new experiences, relationships and challenges flew by like a blur, yet I don’t feel very different. Actually, that’s not completely true. I have definitely learned so much more in […]

Stockholm Syndrome: Obvious Origins

  August 23, 1973 could have been any normal summer day in the Swedish capital of Stockholm. Children were playing in the parks, locals were taking coffee breaks or enjoying a cinnamon bun, and everyone was enjoying the cleanliness of one of the greenest cities. However, that morning at the Kreditbanken in the Normalstorg neighborhood of Stockholm, […]

The Freshman Plague

It’s everywhere. In all of the classrooms and libraries, the dining hall, and even in my own room, the sounds continue to follow me around wherever I go. The noise haunts me and persistently reminds me of its widespread prevalence. One minute, I’m listening to my Cultural Anthropology professor lecture about cultural relativism. The next minute, her […]

Are Cockroaches to Replace Dairy Cows?

Forget your kale juices and fruit smoothies – the new health trend is here! According to scientists the new superfood to try is cockroach milk. Although it seems like a skeptical drink, cockroach milk has been found to potentially have many health benefits for humans as a supplement. The Pacific beetle cockroach (Diploptera punctate) is […]