What It’s Like to be a Park Ranger: Fire Management

Fire: it’s often seen as a bad thing– one of destruction. But for the longleaf pine trees of southeast Texas’ Big Thicket National Preserve, it is a life force. Without wildfires, pinus palustris would likely not dominate the southwestern United States as they do now. This is because it, along with other species, is fire-dependent. Evolution has caused species like the […]

The Other Side of the Lab Bench: An Instructor’s Perspective

As I enter my sophomore year as a student at the University of California, Berkeley, I find myself amazed at how quickly time has passed. An entire year of new experiences, relationships and challenges flew by like a blur, yet I don’t feel very different. Actually, that’s not completely true. I have definitely learned so much more in […]

The Freshman Plague

It’s everywhere. In all of the classrooms and libraries, the dining hall, and even in my own room, the sounds continue to follow me around wherever I go. The noise haunts me and persistently reminds me of its widespread prevalence. One minute, I’m listening to my Cultural Anthropology professor lecture about cultural relativism. The next minute, her […]

How Slow Wave Sleep Mends Brain Injuries

slow wave sleep

  Slow Wave Sleep (SWS), the 3rd stage of sleep and the deepest stage of non-REM sleep, has been shown to have a multitude of benefits from consolidating memories to aiding growth. In addition, new research from a hospital in Zurich published in the Journal of Neuroscience has shown that Slow Wave Sleep can be […]

Why Your Hamburger Kills More than a Cow

“I’ll have a number three, no onions, extra cheese. To go, please.” The cashier mindlessly punches in your order and hands you a number. After a short wait, your meal is handed to you in a paper bag, ready to be taken to the car and savored. After all, your health isn’t really important to […]

Start a Science Club: It’s Easier Than You Think!

Starting a science club can be stressful if you don’t know where to begin. Here’s a list of nine easy-to-follow steps from the Scientific Student to help you out! 1. Decide that you want to! If you’re reading this magazine, you’re most likely a student who loves science– which is awesome! What’s even more awesome, […]

Sunny D- The Vitamin, Not the Juice

When my doctor first told me I was vitamin D deficient, I thought that I simply needed to spend more time out in the sun. This was a bit surprising to me, considering my daily jogs and walks with my adorable dog. Little did I know that my diet played a bigger factor! In fact, […]

The Importance of Play

In his lecture, “The Neuroscience of Play” (you can watch the full thing here, as well as his TED talk on the same subject), Dr. Stuart Brown contends that “the opposite of play is not work; it’s depression”. He’s right. While play is generally credited secondary importance at best, it is utterly vital to the […]

Can Different Types of Lights Affect Test Performance?

  Every student has endured the grueling experience of testing. Whether it is for finals, AP tests, or MCAT/LSATs, we’ve all experienced the pressure. However, in addition to stress, there is another factor affecting how well students perform on exams. The scientists, Kyungah Choi and Hyeon-Jeong Suk, from the Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology […]

The Increasing Prevalence of Food Allergies

As a growing public health concern, food allergies have drastically increased over the past years. It is estimated by the Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) that 15 million people suffer from food allergies in the United States alone. In the United Kingdom, up to 50% of children are diagnosed with an allergic condition of some […]