Student Feature: Nicole Odzer

Nicole Odzer, The Scientific Student

Nicole Odzer is an exceptional high school senior from North Miami Beach, Florida. She became interested in science during a middle school science fair, which prompted her exploration of marine biology. She studied corals specifically, developing a project which she has modified and continues to this day at Nova Southeastern University’s Oceanographic Center. During her junior and […]

Meet the Inventor of the Solar-Kettle Thermos Flask

The Scientific Student, Solar-Kettle Thermos Flask, Alex Kee, Solar, sun

  Alex Kee is the inventor, designer, and contact point for the Solar-Kettle Thermos Flask (SK-TF), a portable solar cooking device that is capable of sterilizing water and other materials. I had the pleasure of interviewing him over Skype. He was initially drawn to designing the SK-TF because he wished to deliver clean drinking water to […]

The Scientific Student – Staff and Details

The Scientific Student

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A Heart for the Work by Claire Wendland A Heart for the Work: Journeys through an African Medical School is a book written by Claire Wendland that details the cultural dissonance resulting from the presence of European biomedicine in Malawi. As one of the required readings for my Health, Healing, and Medicine in Africa seminar, this book in particular struck a chord […]

Developing a Unisex Contraceptive

The potential for the development of a contraceptive that works in both men and women is on the horizon as biologists at the University of California, Berkeley have discovered the mechanism used by sperm cells to penetrate and fertilize a human oocyte. As the sperm cell swims towards the egg cell, a “power kick” is […]

Is Bigger Better? The Rise of the Adonis Complex

The Scientific Student, Adonis, Adonis complex

  Today’s society places a shamelessly high emphasis on physical appearance; female standards, specifically, have been widely criticized in the media for their unrealistic expectations of women’s bodies.  One example that comes to mind is how Victoria’s Secret portrays the ideal woman through its choice of models who have big busts with thin waists and legs.  Social […]

Avoiding the Unavoidable: Aging

The aging process is impossible to avoid, and each and one of us will at one point experience it. Over the past centuries, death has been delayed due to the overall population reaching old age with greater health, thus leading to higher life expectancies.  As the elderly population increases, it is very important to understand the best […]

Does Oxytocin Play a Role in Pain Processing?

Many people know oxytocin as “the love hormone” or the “cuddle hormone.” It has already been implicated in creating a bonding effect between mothers and children, as its release is heightened during labor, childbirth, and breast feeding. Recent research may have identified another function of this hormone; pain relief and modulation. How might oxytocin play a […]

Clashing Environmentalists

Environmentalists all have the same end goal in mind: to save planet earth and sustain the environment that nourishes all biological life. However, just as in all fields, there are varying viewpoints regarding the most efficient method of achieving sustainability. According to the Paths text, most environmentalists can be categorized into four broad categories: Market Liberal, […]