Genetic Testing for Psychiatric Treatment

One thing that many struggle with when starting new medication is the ambiguity of the whole situation. They don’t know how certain medications are going to influence them; which side effects they may be prone to. However, genetics have been on the rise lately, and came up with a solution to this issue- pharmacogenomics tests. According […]

Drug Repurposing, A Pharmaceutical Revolution

Drug repurposing or drug repositioning, is a drug development strategy extensively used during the recent years within the research field, it involves predication on the reuse of existing licensed drugs that are available in the market for new medical indications, that is, the treatment of different diseases from which they were initially designed for. This […]

The Science Behind Genetic Mutations in the Human Body

A hand with an extra finger, strangely overgrown bones, and red hair. What do all of these uncommon traits have in common? Simply put, these are all examples of genetic mutations. Genetic mutations are caused by gene disorders which are permanent alterations in an individual’s DNA sequence, the fundamental code for genetic information in nearly […]

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Know: Types of Melanoma

Defining the disease Melanoma is defined as a type of skin cancer that usually begins in melanocytes (pigment-producing cells). This type of cancer normally occurs in areas that tend to occasionally be sun-exposed. Melanoma can be seen to develop at any age in humans but the highest number of cases frequently occur in people during […]

How Ocean Exploration Could Cure Cancer

Social Darwinism includes the evolutionary concept of ‘survival of the fittest’.  Organisms live through it every day in order to survive. Plants, people, and animals have physically changed in order to best thrive in their environment. For example, succulents, living in arid conditions, store water in their thick leaves and stems to better survive the hot […]

The Link Between Neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence

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Although considered a relatively new field of study, neuroscience is already playing a huge role in current technological innovation, especially in artificial intelligence (AI). Before attempting to create a robot with the ability to mimic human intelligence, a thorough understanding of the human brain is crucial. The first research into and construction of artificial neural […]