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Our Editorial Team

Mehek Dedhia

Mehek is currently a high school senior studying in Mumbai, India. She plans to pursue a career in medicine and research and is particularly interested in studying neurodegenerative diseases. When she’s not busy with school, she can usually be found reading or playing the piano.

Ruby Halfacre

Ruby Halfacre is currently an IB junior at Southeast High School in Bradenton, Florida. Outside of school, Ruby enjoys traveling, dancing, playing tennis and reading. She hopes to one day attend the John Hopkin’s University with a degree in International Studies.

Naomi D’Arbell

Naomi D’Arbell is a senior in the IB program at Longview High School. In addition to one-variable calculus, she enjoys regional expository writing contests and national STEM competitions. True to her inner kid, her favorite show is Steven Universe. Also, Naomi is the head author and illustrator of two children’s books about chemistry, her favorite scientific field.

Karen Yung

Karen Yung is a senior at Unionville High School. She reads, writes, plays the flute, lives in Pennsylvania, and is undecided on her future.

Arselyne Chery

Arselyne Chery is a senior at the School for Advanced Studies where she hopes to graduate with both an Associates in Art degree and a high school diploma. Although she enjoys engulfing herself in the sciences and in mathematics, her true passion lies with creative writing. You can find her writing poetry and short scripts and plays in her free time.

Kaylynn Crawford

Kaylynn is currently a freshman at the University of Michigan with an intended major in biomedical engineering. In addition to loving science (especially biology), she has a passion for music and has been teaching music theory lessons for four years. In her free time, Kaylynn enjoys playing her guitalele and watching Steven Universe.

Kathleen Frost

Kathleen Frost is a sophomore at the University of Florida, studying behavioral and cognitive neuroscience and journalism. She’s also a research intern at the Cognitive Aging and Memory Lab at the university, looking at the relationship between transcranial direct-current stimulation and cognition. In addition to science, Kathleen loves to write, including for The Florida Basement, a magazine dedicated to the Gainesville music scene. In her free time, Kathleen enjoys everything nerdy and is an avid fan of classic rock.

Alyssa Bent

Alyssa Bent is currently an IB senior in Melbourne, Florida. She lives with her two hamsters and husband on the beach. Outside of school she often enjoys creative writing and reading. She will attend the University of Pittsburgh and hopes to one day have a career as a psychiatrist for an organization similar to Doctors without Borders, bringing mental clarity to those who may not have access to mental healthcare.

Awinita Barpujari

Awinita is a rising junior at Johns Hopkins University currently pursuing a bachelors degree in Neuroscience with a minor in Entrepreneurship and Management. She enjoys playing a variety of sports such as rugby and basketball and spends time working at the West Virginia University School of Medicine carrying out research pertinent to HIV and Hepatitis C. In addition, Awinita loves to travel and will be going abroad this coming Fall to study at Kings College London.

Michelle Li

Michelle Li is a rising senior in the International Baccalaureate program at Richard Montgomery High School. Outside of school, she loves to bullet journal, swim, and help out with her school’s literary magazine. In college, she plans to major in public health or business.

Eshaan Soman

Eshaan Soman is a senior at Hillsborough High School in Hillsborough, New Jersey. He is currently a biophysics intern in Princeton University’s Frick Chemistry Laboratory working as a computational researcher. On his free time, Eshaan enjoys long distance running, playing the piano, and taking the occasional nap.

Kristine Wong

Kristine is attending the University of California, Berkeley on the pre-medical track and intends to major in Molecular and Cell Biology. She is very passionate about art and science, and she can often be found drawing away on her tablet during her free time or reading articles on the latest scientific news from journals such as Scientific American. Her interests include listening to Disney music, playing video games, watching cartoons, and petting cats.

Eleni Spanolios

Eleni Spanolios graduated from Palm harbor University High School with her IB diploma. She is now attending New College of Florida, perusing a degree in physics and international studies. In her free time, Eleni enjoys sailing, working with the wellness committee on campus, and volunteering with Bead For Life.

Sandra Gómez

Sandra Gómez is a high school student from Madrid, Spain, with an insatiable curiosity for learning. She enjoys writing, reading and playing volleyball. In the future, she hopes to attend a prestigious college and get involved with academic research. She is also a talented math and physics student and loves science fiction.

Christina Gaw

Christina Gaw is from Belton, Texas and currently a freshman at Baylor University planning to major in chemistry on the pre-medicine track. She likes being involved around campus and in the community. Her interests include running, volunteering, and traveling.

Sam Pickerill

Sam Pickerill is from South Florida and is currently a junior at Duke University. He studies environmental sciences while taking a special interest in marine and coastal regions. He has recently assisted on research involving the echolocation behaviors of Hawaiian spinner dolphin, and will be continuing research on the feasibility of ocean energy sources. In his free time Sam works as a basketball and soccer referee, and also enjoys offshore fishing.

Katy Swiere

Katy is a senior at Orangefield High School with a 4.0 GPA and a passion for the environment. She loves to garden, run, cook vegan food, play piano and flute, and learn. She is also the founder and president of the Earth Club of Orangefield (ECO) and enjoys volunteering at her local community garden. Next year, she hopes to attend an elite liberal arts college to study both Environmental Studies and International Relations.

Vivian Chau

Vivian is a senior at Chandler High school. At Chandler, she created a Red Cross chapter at her school and has volunteered with the organization since then. She enjoys biology and hopes to research different ways to approach secretases production in Alzheimer’s. Her hobbies include volunteering, playing tennis, and participating in Speech and Debate.

Ana Roibu

Ana is currently studying Neuroscience with Psychology in Aberdeen, Scotland. Other than science, she enjoys swimming, reading and travelling. In the future, she plans on pursuing a career in medical research.

Malka Suster

Malka is an incoming high school senior from Miami Beach, Florida. Albeit being a busy student with a love for learning, she still enjoys filling her leisure days by going to the beach, watching movies on Netflix, and having fun with friends. She would like to make a shout-out to all the “TiPsters” in the world–you guys rock!

Smarika Rijal

Smarika currently attends Westwood High School. She has a passion for poetry and photography. She is also an avid reader and her favorite genres are historical fiction and autobiographies. She has a personal blog as well: www.smarikarijal.wordpress.com.

Margie He

Margie is a senior in high school. She enjoys writing and is a member of her school’s newspaper and literary magazine. When she’s not studying, Margie usually reads, practices the violin, or binge-watches YouTube videos. Margie is excited for college and she is anticipating discovering new hobbies and interests.

Asraa Ahmed

Asraa attends Spruce Creek High School and is incredibly motivated to become a cardiothoracic surgeon. Her passion lies in scientific research, specifically in microbiology, and has been conducting her own research since eighth grade. She has participated in the Florida SSEF fair, created a club at her high school, and hopes to continue pursuing science. In her downtime, she takes creative photographs to post on her photography blog.

Sahaj Shah

Sahaj Shah is a senior at Pflugerville High School. Besides calculus, Sahaj enjoys learning new languages and being involved with the community. He is the founder and president of Model UN club at his school, involved in research for the past two summers, and a passionate environmentalist. He hopes to study Computer Science and Physics next year.

Zoe Sugar

Zoe Sugar is a sophomore in high school from Surfside, Florida. When she is not working on her studies, she enjoys going to the beach and watching shows on Netflix. Her other interests include running, volunteering and traveling.

Lydia Abedeen

Lydia Abedeen is a rising freshman at Emory University and an aspiring writer and journalist originally from Orlando, FL. She is also an avid science enthusiast, and is happy that she will be able to foster both interests in college. Her hobbies include day-dreaming, falling asleep, and eating hot cross buns.

Lexis Sherron

Lexis is in her senior year of high school at Brandon Valley. She is planning on going into medicine or biology at either Stanford University or Princeton University. Lexis also has a passion for the Spanish language and giving back to her community. In her free time, she enjoys eating and being active with her friends or boyfriend.

Susana Fares Mazloum

Susana is a Biomedicine student at the Universidade de Guarulhos in Brazil. She is passionate about art and science. She is a co-curator in the Advances in Medicine and Biology community on Google+ since 2014. She enjoys listening to music and doing crafts. In the future, she plans to follow a career in science outreach.

Tushar Kaushik

Tushar Kaushik is a sophomore in RUHS, India and has interests in Biopharmaceuticals and ExoBiology. He is an avid traveler and loves nature. He reads and writes poetry, rap music and loves to make people laugh. He also can literally dance anywhere but is not good at dancing at all. He aspires to travel to Space and learn about life in space.

Twan Sia

Twan is a QuestBridge Scholar at Swarthmore College who is often seen cracking eye-roll worthy jokes and awful puns. Aside from being a self-proclaimed comedian, Twan also appreciates painting, napping, and listening to music. In the future, Twan can see himself pursuing science, but at this time in his life, he’s keeping an open mind.

Sheamol Obeda

Sheamol is an English STEM student, studying math, further math, physics and computing at Bishop Veseys Grammar school. He enjoys rowing, taekwondo and coding in his free time, and is a talented photographer. Sheamol has also worked on many STEM projects, from recreating a digital image on an area that was over 10 metres high and 7 metres across, to sending a raspberry π 30km into the atmosphere!

Sangeet Anand

Sangeet Anand is a current sophomore at Winston Churchill High School in Potomac, Maryland. Outside of school, she writes for her county newspaper, The MoCo Student, in the opinions section. In her free time, Sangeet enjoys playing club soccer, dancing, and reading. She is also an avid traveler, treasurer on her schools Student Government Association, and is interested in pursuing the sciences in the future.

Shradha Bhatta

Shradha Bhatta is currently a biochemistry major enrolled in the University of Southern Mississippi. She aspires to be a Psychiatrist as she believes mental health is equally important as physical health. She doesn’t like people being conservative when talking about mental issues. Outside of school, she likes traveling and capturing every moment in a photograph. Shradha loves living life fully and grabbing opportunities when she gets one.

Sharanya Sriram

Sharanya Sriram is currently an IB junior at Mira Loma High School in Sacramento, California. In her spare time, she enjoys doing anything artistic— whether it be painting, drawing, writing, or playing piano. She plans on pursuing a career in research in the future with an interest in cellular and developmental neuroscience.