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A Haven for Injured City Birds

The City That Never Sleeps

Nicknamed the “concrete jungle” for its seemingly endless, untamed concentration of buildings, New York City isn’t known for being kind to anyone. This includes birds. From the infamous pigeons to more mysterious owl species, hundreds of birds are injured in the Big Apple every day, just as their human counterparts are. In a city known for its fast-paced, “survival of the fittest” mindset, New York City’s Wild Bird Fund is an unusual but welcomed sight.

The Wild Bird Fund

It was founded by Rita McMahon, who decided to open the place in 2005 after finding an injured bird on the interstate and learning there was nowhere that he could get help. The Wild Bird Fund exists in the Upper West Side of Manhattan to help tend to sick and injured birds who are brought to them by both local samaritans and organizations such as the ASPCA and the Humane Society. Thanks to volunteers, the non-profit organization is able to accept every bird brought to it without charge. McMahon notes that a large majority of the birds who are brought are severely injured, and about half of their patients either die or are euthanized. When it comes to those that make it through treatment, local birds are released back into the wild after they have recovered, and the other birds are sent to sanctuaries.

In the bustling environment of New York City– and anywhere, really– it’s easy to get caught up in life. The numerous birds that are brought into the Wild Bird Fund every day are often suffering from injuries caused by people. Those who bring in birds to the Wild Bird Fund are a reminder that people do have the ability to put their lives on pause to help even the most overlooked of creatures.

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To learn about ways to help out the organization, visit their website.

Editor: Rachel Levy