Phage Therapy: Antibiotic’s Spiritual Successor

Traditionally, bacterial infections are met with routine antibiotics. As long as the patient follows the directions on the bottle, symptoms resolve, right? Not anymore. The emergence of antibiotic-resistant strains, or “super bugs,” has already rendered some diseases untreatable by standard prescriptions. A report from the World Health Organization in September sounded the alarm: due to […]

The Need for CRISPR Education

Unlike any other scientific field, biology is rife with excitement. New biotechnology techniques have brought about increased biomedical, environmental, agricultural, and clinical progress. While at the same time a growing global population motivates health initiatives and solutions even further. As a result of this brouhaha, biologists are in high demand both in industry and university settings. In […]

The Ethical Dilemma to a Tattoo

A 70 year old man with an elevated blood alcohol level was taken into the Jackson Memorial Hospital emergency room in Miami when doctors found something that led them from trying to save him as quickly as possible to buying time. The man had a chest tattoo that said “Do Not Resuscitate.” The word “Not” […]

Machine Learning: An Intro

We are living in a world where the amount of data we can access is monumental. But while having access to a large amount of data is great, having the tools to analyze and draw conclusions out of it is extremely important. Otherwise, we end up with a pile of information which is unusable. That’s […]

Ammonia Synthesis with Lithium

Approximately 150 million metric tons of ammonia is produced annually. A significant amount of the ammonia generated is used to make fertilizers, notably ammonium nitrate. Currently, the primary method of synthesizing ammonia involves the Haber Bosch process. The Haber Bosch process is based on the reaction between molecular nitrogen from the air and hydrogen derived […]

Vaping: A Potential Health Concern

E-cigarette use has grown approximately 900% among high school students between 2011 and 2015, according to Rob McConnell, an internal medicine specialist at USC. However, as young adolescents are lured into e-cigarettes by their appeal as a “healthy alternative” to cigarettes, what are the major health concerns of e-cigarettes or vaping? Vaping, the inhalation of […]

Plastic-eating Organisms

Over eight million tons of plastic are dumped into the oceans every year. The forget about it mentality pervades society, and they ignore a massive problem that plagues marine life. The newest data, according to a study published in Science, claims that the sheer tonnage of plastic burdening oceans every year is equal to 5 […]

Blue Light: The Sleep Killer

Sleep is pivotal for every human being. Whether you are an adult or a teenager, a good night sleep can provide increased cognitive reasoning, wider attention span, and simply a good feeling to tackle the day. However, there are many ways in which we can get a lack of sleep or even a bad sleep. […]

Wanderlust: Is it genetic?

As the world becomes more globalized, traveling keeps getting easier. Low-cost flights have made going away for a short weekend or a long vacation as easy as pie. It is the best time to be alive for those of us who cannot stay in one place. Some people seem to have an unquenchable thirst to […]

Converting Seawater to Fuel

Hydrogen is an alternative fuel which can be synthesized from various domestic resources. Highly abundant in the environment, hydrogen is stored in water, hydrocarbons, and other organic compounds. Interest in hydrogen as a substitution for conventional fossil fuels spurs from its ability to produce zero emissions when burned with oxygen. However, challenges of using hydrogen […]