How to Win the Winter Olympics as a Ski Racer Using Organic Compounds

As the Winter Olympics came and went, phenomenal ski racers raced for the gold medal. With a strong mindset, long practices, and certain techniques refined, there is another key ingredient to the recipe of winning. The answer is wax. Wax is a polymer, a substance that has many subunits (monomers) combined together and help create […]

Weight Lifting – Is It For Children?

Children are always encouraged by their clinicians to do physical activity in order to have healthy bones. While low to moderate exercise is necessary in pre-adulthood for proper bone formation, it is unclear whether certain types of physical activity should be avoided as children in order to prevent bone damage. Despite the fact that mechanical […]

Figure Skater: Physics on Ice

Recently, in Pyeongchang, South Korea, the 2018 Winter Olympic Games concluded following a closing ceremony packed with culture and athletes. Over two weeks of international competition, the world witnessed many moments that will be remembered as the highlights of another Olympic games. According to online data found here, figure skating remains one of the most popularly […]

New Species found in Trinidad

For the last two weeks, I was on a short vacation in Trinidad and Tobago, a single nation of two small islands in the Caribbean. During my stay there, I met with Dr. Judith Gobin, a marine biologist at the University of the West Indies (UWI) in Trinidad, who recently found 83 species living off […]

No More Yearly Flu Shots?

As winter looms upon the world, viruses are preparing to wreak havoc on our bodies. However, individuals are opting to get flu shots to provide immunity against any future infections. Unfortunately, we need to get flu shots on a yearly basis since viruses are prone to mutate. These mutations often occur within the viral DNA, […]

Teixobactin – The Antibiotic to Revolutionize Medicine

At the time Teixobactin was discovered, twenty-eight years had gone by since a new antibiotic had been founded. That’s right – until 2015, the most up-to-date antibiotic development occurred in 1987. So, though it goes without being said, the introduction of Teixobactin into society completely altered modern medicine.   How Was Teixobactin Found? Researchers discovered […]

Gravitational Waves – A Crash Course

With the recent Nobel prize announcements and the ongoing Nobel Week in Stockholm, gravitational waves are back in the public spotlight. The 2017 Nobel Laureates for Physics this year are Kip Thorne, Rainer Weiss, and Barry Barish, “for decisive contributions to the LIGO detector and the observation of gravitational waves”. But what are gravitational waves? If […]

The Physics for Atomic Nuclei Program – My Experience

In July 2015 I had the chance to attend the Physics for Atomic Nuclei (PAN) program at Michigan State University, a one week course centered around the study of nuclear physics. Not only did this allow me to expand my horizons and increase my knowledge of the subject, but it also gave me a taste […]

A Summary of the Cochlear Implant Dilemma

New advances in science have always inspired heated debate between proponents for and opponents against, but rarely does a development split a group in two. With the introduction of the cochlear implant less than a decade ago, deaf and hard of hearing individuals and their families have been personally divided by the new hearing device. […]

The Swissmetro: An Innovative Concept

In recent years, one of the most futuristic ideas in the field of transportation has been that of the Hyperloop – a high-speed train proposed by Elon Musk of Tesla and SpaceX.  However, the Hyperloop was not the first of its kind. Many other ideas for high-speed trains were proposed before the Hyperloop, but they […]