Phage Therapy: Antibiotic’s Spiritual Successor

Traditionally, bacterial infections are met with routine antibiotics. As long as the patient follows the directions on the bottle, symptoms resolve, right? Not anymore. The emergence of antibiotic-resistant strains, or “super bugs,” has already rendered some diseases untreatable by standard prescriptions. A report from the World Health Organization in September sounded the alarm: due to […]

The Need for CRISPR Education

Unlike any other scientific field, biology is rife with excitement. New biotechnology techniques have brought about increased biomedical, environmental, agricultural, and clinical progress. While at the same time a growing global population motivates health initiatives and solutions even further. As a result of this brouhaha, biologists are in high demand both in industry and university settings. In […]

Vaccination at All Ages

To many adults, especially in the United States, getting a vaccine other than the routine flu shot is uncommon. Over-eighteen vaccinations tend to be on the rarer side. In those one-off cases, people assume you’re getting catch-up shots you missed from childhood—or maybe getting vaccinated before your vacation overseas to higher risk areas (e.g. locations […]

Are Irma and Harvey a Product of Global Warming?

     A lot of focus has been on the hurricanes hitting the southeast United States this year. Hurricane Harvey devastated much of Texas and Hurricane Irma flooded parts of Florida. Additionally, there have also been multiple other hurricanes and tropical storms this season that did not receive as much press. Irma and Harvey were […]

The Inescapable Pollution You’ve (Never) Heard Of

If you live in a technologically-developed country or in any (sub)urban center, you’ve most definitely heard of it. Whenever you wake up it’s there: the jackhammers whirring, jets shooting above the skyline, drivers honking in frustration. It’s noise. While to us noise pollution may just be a simple annoyance that some good headphones can do away with, fragile ecosystems relying on silence and the audibility of natural sounds have little respite from human hum.

The Problems with Science Journalism

Linguists and literary geeks have long pondered the quandary of translated works. The abrupt German sentence endings of Kafka’s The Metamorphosis and the Old English rhythmic caesuras of Beowulf are not quirks to survive translations. Translators instead have to interpret and innovate to get a text from language A to language B. This parallels science journalism’s current […]

Is Climate Change Actually a Hoax?

In the midst of the current political environment surrounding Trump’s presidency, the population of climate change deniers has been given unmerited attention. Those knowledgeable of the increases in Earth’s temperature have been struggling with the idea that someone—let alone an enormous crowd and the very president of our nation—could deny it in spite of clear, sufficient evidence.  […]

Left Brain/Right Brain and Other Pop Psychology Myths

I’m an INTP, left-brained, kinetic learner! Or maybe not? Every science has unique myths around it. And let’s face it: many facts and theories get oversimplified or lost in translation. Not every scientist is an expert in every scientific field. Psychology in particular has a tendency to be misinterpreted, leading to an entire subfield: pop […]

Too Sex-y For My Science: The Difference Sex Makes In Preclinical Data

In 2014, The National Institutes of Health (NIH) made a bold statement: essentially, future studies of animals and cells would have to take place in both sexes, or risk losing funding. This move has not been without criticism, time and cost being the two issues most often raised. However, there are some worries that sex differences in preclinical […]

Is Ethidium Bromide Safe?

One of the most important steps in genotyping is gel electrophoresis. After this step, it is important that the gel is visualized. This process is typically accomplished by staining the DNA. While some stains allow the direct visualization of DNA bands, many require the gel to be exposed to UV light. One of the most […]