The Scientific Pros and Cons of Tattoos

Whether it is for artistic purposes or not, tattoos are often known as images or caricatures on the skin that symbolize a message. When a person gets a tattoo, a clean needle gets inside the dermis of the skin and injects ink. Our skin often sheds the top layer, the epidermis, off every second that […]

Is Climate Change Actually a Hoax?

In the midst of the current political environment surrounding Trump’s presidency, the population of climate change deniers has been given unmerited attention. Those knowledgeable of the increases in Earth’s temperature have been struggling with the idea that someone—let alone an enormous crowd and the very president of our nation—could deny it in spite of clear, sufficient evidence.  […]

Kinesthetic Learning: Why It’s So Hard To Focus

I’m sure we can all agree that at some point in our academic career, we have found ourselves incapable of reading a few sentences and retaining the content. We proceed to re-read every sentence in an attempt to make sense of words that seem to come into our minds and vanish in an instant. We later […]

Stress and Yoga

In the last fifty years stress reduction techniques, such as meditation and yoga, have been looked at as treatments for anxiety and depression as well as for their overall health benefits. Yoga, while less researched, has become increasingly popular over the last few decades. The question that remains is can yoga help treat anxiety and […]

The Effect of Outdoor Time on Our Vision and Preventing Myopia

Your mom might actually be right when she tells you to drop the remote control and to head outside. Studies have shown that individuals who spend more time indoors tend to develop vision problems linked to myopia. Myopia, also known as nearsightedness, occurs when the distance between the cornea and the retina is too long. […]

Empathy and Your Genes

Empathy, simply put, is the ability to understand and share the feelings of someone else. It is an important human trait that allows us to experience deeper connections with those close to us and to be more successful as individuals. Empathy increases kindness and altruistic behavior, making society a better place in general. But where does […]

The Discovery of an Uncombable Hair Gene

A Major Case of Bedhead Do you ever wake up and attempt to run a brush through your unruly hair, only to end up ripping half of it out? Tangles and knots have been a part of some individuals’ lives ever since they were kids who cried at the sights of their parents wielding brushes. Detangling […]

New Pathway Identified in Eating Disorders

The hypothalamus is responsible for the hunger drive of the human body. This part of the brain connects the endocrine system to the nervous system. Leptin and ghrelin, the two hormones most connected with hunger, both have receptors in the hypothalamus. Ghrelin, produced by the stomach, is thought to signal hunger. Levels of this hormone […]

Delayed Healing in the Elderly

Wound Healing The length of time that it takes for wounds like cuts and scrapes to heal is determined by a person’s age. This phenomenon has been recorded as far back as World War I, but the reason behind it was recently discovered. Sadly, wounds cannot be healed with a simple kiss. The process of […]

The Future Of Male Birth Control

When it comes to birth control, the bulk of responsibility falls on women. Hormonal contraception, such as the pill, shot, and patch, barrier methods, such as diaphragms and cervical caps, along with spermicides, fertility awareness, and other methods are all meant for women. The only birth control options for men are condoms and sterilization. However, for […]