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Think Twice Before Drinking….

Your throat is dry, so you do what anyone would do – you reach for some water. But are you reaching for a plastic bottle of water? Well first off, plastic bottles would likely just remain in landfills and take many years to disintegrate, which hurts our planet. That gives us one reason to ditch the plastic bottle (“What’s the Problem with Plastic Bottles?”, 2016). I know you may be thinking, “Well, I’m still going to drink it anyways, it’s something that we can’t really avoid if we want to drink purified water.” It turns out that even though the water is purified, drinking from plastic bottles may be hurting you due to the chemicals used to formulate them. While formulating the bottle, a chemical by the name of Bisphenol A, also referred to as BPA, is used in order to make the plastic clear and hard. BPA can imitate the hormone estrogen , which ultimately can cause hormonal imbalances and cause toxic fat gain, water retention and bloating (Turner, “How to manage your estrogen levels”, 2016).BPA is also linked to brain and behavior issues and is more likely to affect younger children due to them being less developed. A long-term concern of BPA is cancer  (“The Facts About Bisphenol A”). To read more about BPA and it’s harmful effects, click here . Next time, maybe you should think twice about reaching for that plastic bottle.

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Edited by: Kaylynn Crawford, Daryn Dever, and Shreya Singireddy