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Student Feature: Felipe Frid Buniac

Felipe Frid Buniac, The Scientific Student, science, student

Felipe Frid Buniac is an outstanding student from São Paulo, Brazil.  He is currently in his first year at Insper studying Computer Engineering. Felipe was drawn to Computer Engineering due to his passion for problem solving and understanding how machines work.  He has channeled this passion in his own scientific work, which began in high school. There, he became interested in studying the Chaos Theory (which deals with the science and mathematics of things that are pretty much impossible to control or predict, see more information here ) and eventually discovered cryptography, which is the art of creating and solving coded language. He then proceeded to develop a cryptography program known as ENCRYPTA, which is able to combine cryptography with a Non-Linear Dynamic (chaotic) system. His goal of the project was to be create software that would be able to put together the Logistic Map (Chaotic System) with cryptography.

The following is an overview of Felipe’s research and methods, in his own words:

“My theoretical reference was Chaos Theory, particularly Logistic Maps – complex,deterministic, non-linear dynamic systems, which are sensitive to initial conditions, that by modulating a supplementary recurring property (control parameter) and initial conditions, become non-predictable over several iterations because of the non-linearity, using the equation. To write the software I chose MATLAB – a high-level, easy-to-learn, descriptive language that manipulates data easily.The first function is responsible for calculating and plotting the Logistic Map. The next function associates the value of to an interval, which is passed on to two other functions; one that calculates the number of iterations necessary to get to the desired interval, and another that associates the interval with the desired character. To complete the program, I synthesized all preceding functions, which coded and decoded only a single character. For multiple character application I created a storage vector.The model underwent effectiveness and cryptanalysis tests to stress its security. The same message was sent hundreds of times, to guarantee the content was reproducible. Different key and message size configurations were used. The results confirmed the high degree of accuracy and security predicted. Beyond its proven efficacy and in addition to being based on a nonlinear dynamic system, ENCRYPTA is distinguished by its utilization of point-to-point cryptography, meaning data can circulate freely without risk. This innovative approach to Cryptography unlocks a new field of knowledge that combines Cryptography with Chaos Theory extremely productively, harnessing with simplicity two foundational elements of Cryptography: Security and Speed.”

In 2015, MOSTRATEC (Brazilian Science and Technology Fair) selected Felipe to represent Brazil at the Nobel Prize Ceremony and participate in SIYSS (Stockholm International Youth Science Seminar) because of his impressive research and accomplishments. At SIYSS, a select group of twenty-six students representing nineteen countries bonded together through teamwork activities, dance lessons, an etiquette dinner, and Nobel lectures in chemistry, physics, and economics. He was able to share his own ideas and research, and also learn about other innovative ideas from other students around the world. At the end of the seminar, Felipe attended the prestigious Nobel Prize ceremony, with prominent individuals such as the King and Queen of Sweden in attendance.

 Felipe is proof that hard work and true passion for a subject can profoundly affect those around you, even from a young age. He will undoubtedly continue to show his love of science and technology in further projects and shape the future with his research. His advice to students is “to get involved with science and do research because it will show them possibilities they have never experienced in their life and it will be really fruitful for their learning and future.” In his own life as a first year university student, Felipe eventually hopes to also get an MBA in Business and create his own startup company.

Edited by: Ruby Halfacre