Meet the Executive Team

  IMG_6675Carolyn Im – Founder, CEO

Carolyn Im is a student at Duke University from Tarpon Springs, FL studying biology and documentary studies. She founded The Scientific Student in 2015 in order to increase student involvement and collaboration within the scientific community. Aside from science, Carolyn loves puns, writing, and her havanese. In her free time, she also enjoys being a foodie, binge watching television shows and traveling.










Katherine Wu – Vice President of Operations

Katherine is so excited to be a part of The Scientific Student team. She is currently a junior at Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana. She is double majoring in public health and molecular biology on a pre-medical track. Her interests lie in environmental science and alternative energy studies. Besides studying, she can be found playing volleyball, lacrosse, or exploring the city of New Orleans!








IMG_3976Shreya Singireddy – Magazine Editor-In-Chief

Shreya Singireddy is from Daytona Beach, Florida, and attends Johns Hopkins University as a pre-medical student. When she’s not acting as the Editor-In-Chief of The Scientific Student Magazine, she enjoys cooking and baking (especially unique desserts like corn ice cream or raspberry basil cupcakes), playing the ukulele, and watching way too much Grey’s Anatomy.










Maria Ticsa – Blog Editor-in-Chief

Maria Ticsa, more commonly known as Stefi, is a student at the University of Florida studying biochemistry. She always loves to see how technology and science develop together. Stefi also rows, and would love to answer any questions about the sport! In her free time, she enjoys working out, binge watching television series given the time, and watching the sunset.










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Katie Im – Creative Director

Katie Im attended Davidson College in North Carolina. She is majoring in organizational communication studies with a minor in digital studies. She is a member of the Davidson College Women’s Soccer Team, as well as the Connor Eating House. In her free time, Katie enjoys attending concerts, binge watching Netflix, and volunteering in her community. She hopes to increase scientific involvement and awareness of people who may or may not be interested in pursuing science related careers.













5789 Marley Denierio – Social Media Director

Marley attends the University of Central Florida and studies Biomedical Sciences and Anthropology. Her life mainly revolves around coffee, puns and Twin Peaks/X-Files. She enjoys volunteering, acting, and anything that will benefit others. Marley also enjoys traveling, which taught her the importance of every action, whether positive or negative, on a community. She hopes that this project will help spark a new love for science in other students.